Signe & Genna Grushovenko

Call for 80s Pics!

Signe Grushovenko
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Alright people. I said this day would never come, but here it is. 


We’ve progressed through images from the Victorian era through the 1970s and now we’re knocking at the 80s’ door. The 80s are calling me in a louder and louder voice but I am not yet finding the right imagery. Do you have some to share? Here’s what I want:


·     Your legit 1980s yearbook pics. Bonus points if you have those super tall bangs or are wearing ‘twist-a-beads’.

·     You and your friends looking bleak and listening to The Cure

·     You standing in front of your first car

·     Family pics, full body if possible

·     Cool dudes with mullets on bmx bikes.

·     Women in jackets with giant shoulder pads, a la ‘Working Girl’

·     A little kid riding a Big Wheel

·     You and your girlfriends at the pool in your high thigh bikinis

·     You in legwarmers

·     You’re on a cruise with your family and you’re wearing Umbros.

·     You’re in your room surrounded by giant posters of hair bands.


You got any of that? What else you got? If you’re willing to be immortalized, please send me your pics. You can message us on Facebook, post them on instagram tagged #grushovenko80sproject, or email them to If I select your photo to use as reference for one of our paintings, I’ll give you right of first refusal, a 10% discount, free shipping, and my gratitude forever. If you share your pics, you are giving us permission to use your image in our work and to share your pic on our social media.